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Do you need assistance with your MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks accounts?
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Jessica's Bookkeeping can help you....

Jessica Roots is an expert at ensuring that your accounts are balanced, accurate and comply with all current legislative requirements.

jessica Roots Bookkeeping
Commencing business in 2013, Jessica's Bookkeeping was founded and is driven by a passion to help small businesses cope with the complex and sometimes challenging Australian federal and state tax laws and requirements.

Jessica understands what it's like to run a small business - quoting on jobs, managing staff, doing the actual work and all at the same time as balancing your family life…it's not easy!

She cares about your business and can help you find solutions to grow your business, manage your cashflow and ensure you are meeting your tax obligations.

Jessica will ensure that your records are stored in compliance with the current legislation and that they reflect an accurate position of your business’s financial activities.

Accurate record-keeping is legislated by State and Federal bodies and it is essential that they are stored as mandated by government to avoid costly penalties.

Australian legislation states that all businesses, big or small, must keep up-to-date-financial records, in case they are audited to ensure that they have paid all necessary taxes and levies.

Based in Secret Harbour, Western Australia, Jessica has been assisting local businesses like yours for over 7 years.

From pubs and cafe's, hairdressers and beauty salons to electricians and plumbers, she has successfully ensured all her clients meet state and federal tax requirements.

Jessica's Bookkeeping has been an integral part of many local businesses success and continues to provide efficient and cost-effective bookkeeping services to all her clients.

"My aim is to help you concentrate on what you do best. Whether you are making coffee, styling hair, installing taps, wiring a house or serving a beer I can ensure your accounts, GST and payroll are all managed accurately and on-time."

Jessica Roots

Jessica's Bookkeeping services are marked by in-depth technical knowledge combined with years of professional experience and business understanding.

She works closely with clients, aligning with your business or personal goals.

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Skills and Experience
BAS Agent Number 24665443
Certificate IV – Accounting
Certificate IV – Bookkeeping
Accredited agent for accounting software MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks Online
Full understanding on GST, BAS, PAYG and STP
Bookkeeping Services
BAS / GST preparation
PAYG Withholding
STP (Single Touch Payroll)
Bank reconciliations
Accounts payable and receivable
Weekly, monthly or quarterly accounts management
Payroll and payment summaries
Superannuation (SGC)
Financial reports and analysis
Debt management
Cash flow management
Budgeting & Break-Even Analysis
Cost Accounting
Dashboard Reporting (Financial & Non-Financial Indicators)

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